Why is the design and construction of machines worth entrusting to a professional company?

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We are a company that specializes in the design and construction of machines, process automation and robotics. We make individual designs of machines for you, with the highest quality and care, not forgetting about aesthetics.

Continuous development is our goal, the effect of which will be the possibility of delivering complete technological lines with a designed process – everything tailored to meet your needs.

We conduct the entire process comprehensively – from designing the machine, through its construction, to assembly.

The development of the concept and assumptions is the first stage of each project in our company. Initial sketches are created and the best ideas that meet customer needs are directed for further implementation. The main assumption that we follow when designing machines is innovation, attention to detail and high quality. We also always try to make our solutions simple and intuitive to use. Each designed machine is adjusted to the customer’s requirements. We use the best available materials for our structures, and we use reputable suppliers of components and subassemblies. Machine design in our company is based on functionality, efficiency and safety.

When preparing the designs of machines and devices, we consider all available technical and organizational possibilities. Machine design is preceded by a detailed development of reliable technical solutions, taking into account economic aspects. Thanks to the cooperation with large companies in Poland and with international concerns, our design office in Kraków (Balice near Kraków) has gained extensive experience and has become a reliable partner for our clients.

In production, we use the latest technologies and the best quality materials from leading manufacturers, taking into account technical and quality standards. We also make machines, devices and technological lines based on documentation provided by customers. Starting from design, to execution, assembly and service.

Our projects are made using the original SolidWorks 2016 Professional software provided by Solidexpert. It is a software that, thanks to the combination of advanced design tools, gives us the ability to model 3D parts and assemblies with the possibility of simulating machine operation and making 2D drawings. Thanks to this, we are able to adapt to the individual needs of our clients.

Comatic deals with the design and implementation of orders based on extensive experience as well as the latest technologies and the best materials. Selected realizations of our projects can be found on our website.