What should you consider when choosing a design office?

A well-thought-out selection of a design office is extremely important from the point of view of the customer/buyer. Only specialists will be able to prepare a tailor-made project, individually tailored to the needs of the customer/buyer. Therefore, it is not worth to bet on the cheapest or a complete beginner design office.

The Comatic. design office is a young and ambitious team of engineers that deal with the design and construction of machines, process automation and robotics.

Many years of experience in various economic sectors – always related to the design and construction of machines – allows us to efficiently navigate in the field of construction of assembly and control stations, robotic stations or mechanical tools. The portfolio of completed projects and the baggage of experience gathered in our daily activities allow us to carry out individual device designs for you while maintaining our highest quality and diligence, not forgetting about aesthetics. Our current goal is continuous development, the effect of which will be the possibility of delivering complete technological lines along with the designed process – all tailored to meet your needs.

A broad and open view of the problem under consideration allows us to use both proven and reliable, as well as modern solutions. We consider the search for new, unpaved paths to solve the problem an advantage of our design office.

We carry out tasks in the field of machine design, PLC programming, process automation and robotics. Our previous projects are available, among others, on the website of our company. The willingness to develop and use newer and newer technologies, supported by our determination and consistency, makes our cooperation with existing customers constantly develop – and this is a guarantee of the satisfaction of our new customers. We approach the technical problems presented to us individually, thus designating new – faster, repeatable, process-stable – solutions.

In relations with our clients and cooperators, we value the efficient flow of information and mutual involvement in the development of the project. According to the saying “two heads are better than one” – together we can do more. Therefore, each stage of the project is constantly consulted until its final approval.

Taking time and attention at the beginning, when choosing a design office, will allow you to save it later – a well-made project and its implementation saves money, but also provides safety.

A reliable factor in the evaluation of the chosen design office is the direct opinion of customers using its services.