Robotic stations

Currently, many repetitive activities of operators can be replaced by the use of a robot. This provides us with the versatility of the station and greatly simplifies the adaptation of the station to new products in the future.

Robotic grease
application station

A robotic station designed to apply grease to plastic products.

Equipped with an industrial robot, a grease dosing system and two precision scales that check the amount of grease applied each time.

The stand has a drawer for products and is adapted to handle two products (LH and RH) simultaneously.

Cycle time 25 seconds per pair (LH and RH) of products.

Robotic tape
application station

The stand intended for automatic application of double-sided adhesive tape. The design uses a swivel socket for the product transmission to the operator to facilitate loading. The strip is fed from a special feeder with an internally cooled housing.

Tape application cycle time 60 s