Marking stations

Nowadays, it is extremely important to control the production process. This is possible, among others, thanks to the marking of products.

Our company provides solutions that enable the implementation of the process of product control on the production line. We integrate various types of marking heads (laser, dot peen, scribing) and code scanners. Thanks to our comprehensive solutions, the production process is fully controlled, and each product has a unique marking.

Bearing laser marking station with a conveyor and a separation
and positioning system

Stand for automatic marking of bearings with a laser marking machine.

Equipped with a bearing transport and separation system.

The station is intended for marking bearings with a diameter from 30 mm to 240 mm in automatic mode and up to 800 mm in manual loading mode.

Tank marking

A semi-automatic station for marking automotive fuel vapour absorbers, equipped with a 2D code scanner, a dot peen marking head and an actuator ensuring automatic access to the product.

Cycle time of 12s per product

Aluminium rim
marking station

Automatic station for marking aluminium rims. Equipped with a product positioning system and a dot peen marking head. The stand is built on a roller conveyor in the customer’s production plant. It is distinguished by a modular structure that allows for quick installation of the station in a tight place.

Cycle time 5s per product