Assembly lines

Complex assembly processes require many operations.

Not every element can be built within one station. Our company provides complete assembly lines based on pallet transport systems.

Center console roller blind CM161

The line includes:

  • Two pallet transport systems
  • Manual assembly and vision inspection station
  • Two welding stations
  • Multifunctional robotic station

Each of the stands has been constructed in a way that allows precise assembly of each of the components of the product.

This made it possible to obtain high tolerances of the dimensions of the final product required by the customer. The stands have also been adapted so that no traces are left on them during the production of delicate decorative elements.

The multifunctional robotic station performs the following activities:

  • Depalletization of components from blisters
  • Mounting the element on the product
  • Moving finished products
  • Palletization of empty blisters