About Comatic

We are a young and ambitious team of engineers, dealing with design and construction of machines, processes automatisation and robotics. Long experience in various economic sectors – still related to machine design and construction – allows us to skilfully orient ourselves in the area of constructing assembly and control stations, robotised stations or mechanical tools. The portfolio of completed jobs and great experience collected during our everyday activities allows us to realise individual projects of devices for you while preserving the highest quality and diligence, not to mention the aesthetics. At the moment our goal is to develop continuously, and the effect of our efforts will be the opportunity for providing full technological lines with a designed process – all this “custom-built” to meet your requirements.

A broad and open-minded view on the problems allows us to use both tested and reliable, as well as modern solutions. We consider our search for new, undiscovered paths of solving problems as our great advantage.

We realise tasks from the area of machine design, PLC programming, process automatisation, as well as robotics for you. Under “Projects” you can find several project realised by us so far.

The desire to develop and use more increasingly modern technologies, supported by our determination and persistence, results in flourishing and development of cooperation with our current clients – which is a warrant of satisfaction for you, our new clients.

We use an individual approach to the presented technical problems, thus shaping new – quicker, repetitive, stable – solutions.

In relations with our clients and contractors we care for a reliable information flow and mutual engagement in the project development. We follow the saying “two heads are better than one” – together we can do more. This is why every stage of a project is continuously consulted, all the way to the final approval.

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